Backup not working

Running Backup, it seems to start, then the whole program shuts down and no backup was recorded

ok, but where are you running the backup, put your computer informations, manager edition and version

I’m running the latest Version of Manager on a Desktop. While in Receipts and Payments, click on Backup and it comes back with a window and normally does the backup.
Now Windows has done an update and I restarted my computer again, and this time it has tried to do the backup, but my Trend Antivirus took over and said it was trying a folder backup process. I turned Trend off and the Backup was successful. Just some glitches somewhere. Can’t do without Manager, it is the best accounting package for us and we are only a small Vietnam Veteran Group
Cheers Nick

That is of little use to help - there could be many updates in a single day, so saying “the latest version” does not give sufficient information to diagnose a problem and offer a solution

It looks like the problem lies with your Antivirus program rather than Manager or even with Windows and how it interacts with the Antivirus

I got the backup done Im happy, but for a start it was daunting. Thank you for looking at the problem. If I have more I’ll take note aof the information you need
Cheers Nick