Late payment fees posting bugs

There are bugs with posting of late payment fees. These bugs are relatively new, though I am not sure in which version they first appeared. My testing was done on version 19.2.57. This problem was first brought to my attention by @danielgalindezm.

When late payment fees are entered manually, but the optional Invoice field is left blank. The fee is created and listed in the Late Payment Fees tab. But the amount of the fee appears nowhere in the Summary. It does not appear in:

  • Accounts receivable (customer’s subaccount)
  • Late payment fees
  • Suspense

When late payment fees are entered automatically, they are posted to Accounts receivable, but not to Late payment fees. Instead, they are credited to Suspense.

Only when a late payment fee is entered manually and a sales invoice is selected in the Invoice field, is the fee posted correctly.

@danielgalindezm reported slightly different behavior. He reported late payment fees being posted to Suspense when the fee was entered manually and the sales invoice was designated. I could only reproduce this behavior for automatic entries.

Fixed in the latest version (19.2.66)

Sales invoice is actually required on late payment fee form. That was a bug to imply it was optional so that’s fixed too.