Pending late payment fees notice not appearing

I have added late payment fee % to several invoices but no interest or charge is added. Please note, these invoices are more than three months overdue so the dates and rates see to be ok to ordinarily calculate the charges. Was this feature disabled? Thank you

The automatic notification for sales invoices with pending late payment fees seems to have disappeared. Perhaps this was intentional, but it was never announced. I am putting this topic into bugs. I have also edited the title.

Not sure if its just a notice but i mearnt the whole fees is never calculated. Just remains same . Hope we mean the same thing.

Late payment fees were never calculated automatically. After being notified of their pending status, you had to take positive steps to have the program calculate and apply the fees, one period at a time, one sales invoice at a time.

To create late payment fees, you need to go to Late Payment Fees tab where you will be offered to automatically create them if any invoices are due for them.

@Lubos could you include in edit columns the late payment fees. It is a bit weird to see a balance due that is higher than the invoice amount without knowing the source.