Last balance or advance do not appear on bill

last balance of employee
or customers do not appear in next payslip or sales invoice

No, they do not. Nor are they intended to. Both payslips and sales invoices are transactions that establish obligations to pay. A payslip creates an obligation for the business to pay the employee. A sales invoice creates an obligation for the customer to pay the business. Neither is meant to be a statement of history.

can it be added on demand in server edition

also let me know how can we use it on android device in server edition

No, it cannot be added on demand in any edition. All editions—desktop, server, and cloud—are identical, except the desktop edition does not allow multiple users.

The server edition can be used by any device that can access the internet.

rite then how in android mobile
is there any type of app?

No. Log in via a browser, just like you would from any other computer.

Just to add to this, you will need to make sure your Server Edition of Manager is in a web-accessible location. If it’s just on a local server in the office, but you can’t access it from outside the office, you won’t be able to use it on your Android device unless you are also in the office.

Put it on a web server that’s accessible from the internet, and you can access it anywhere - on both computers and phones/tablets.

The same applies to Cloud Edition, which I’d strongly recommend you use instead of Server Edition if you are lacking technical knowledge or just want to make sure everything is regularly updated. The Cloud Edition has a web-accessible URL and you can visit this in your Android device’s web browser.