Invoice Print Problem- Large white margin at top

I have a problem using server version.

Print invoice (physically or to PDF) on some PCs all the sudden everything is shifted down and there is a big white space before the header starts. So far this only happens on two out of 3 PCs. As far as I know nothing changed, we are all using Chrome, more ore less same version. But I tried on IE and it’s the same.

I’ve tried with and without custom view template, but both cause the problem. Tried changing default printer on the PCs… no luck.

Thanks in advance…

it should look like this:

but instead looks like this:

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Are you using Print button or PDF button?

Print. I guess I don’t have latest version because I don’t have PDF button

What version do you have - look under "About Manager

Manager 16.10.2

Upgrade to the latest version of server edition.

While I’m not completely opposed to that, I’d like to get to the root of the problem first. It’s been working 8 months or so no problem, and as I said, it’s working fine still on 1 PC, but 2 others suddenly started to happen. So can you pinpoint the cause of the problem?

Did those other two computer incur the problem at the same time ?
Did they receive some form of automatic operating system update ?

Maybe the recent web-browser upgrade has broken the print button. New version contains PDF button which doesn’t rely on web-browser. This makes things more stable for the future.

Hi @potingg, I’m seeing the same thing. Using cloud version. Working fine on desktop PC launching Manager app with Internet Explorer 11 web browser, but not laptop launching with Chrome web browser. Looks like it may be something to do with chrome web browser. Hope this helps.

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I tried with IE and same thing. Which I why I kind of discount the update theory.

Anyway I guess I have to update Manager. Can’t be done immediately but I will try to update the thread when I do.

Hi, I’m also having the same problem. I have updated to latest version and still the same problem is there. There is a huge margin at the top and bottom of the page.

The green part should be at the bottom and it was working fine previously.

I’m using chrome and Windows 10 Creator’s Update.

@potingg Are you also using Win 10 Creator’s Update?

@alim No, I actually all my PCs are Win8.1, that includes server and client.


Hi, any further insights on this?

I’ve tried to reproduce this issue without success.

This is obviously a case when something has changed in Chrome which broke printing in Manager. However I cannot reproduce this broken behavior. Could it be that Chrome has fixed the issue since then?

Chrome version I’m using is 58.0.3029.110 (the latest). Test again to see if you still have this issue, if yes, check your Chrome version to see if it matches mine.

For now, I’m going to assume this issue has been fixed in the latest version of Chrome so I’m removing this from bugs category.

I had the same problem only with chrome but after updating to the latest version, the problem is solved

Still happens. Updated to the latest version. I copied a template from here. There is still a white margin at the top.

When I delete the custom template and use the default one, there is no white margin.

EDIT: Here are two screenshots

I have managed to temporarily solve this. Just put another tag above the table tag. An img, div, or even p tag.

Still don’t know why it is happening but atleast now its usable.

Have you tried IE or Mozilla?