Keyboard down arrow not working

With the 2-3 last updates the keyboard down arrow does nothing when I want to select something from a drop down list.
I found this problem in two machines with Win 8.1 and Win 10.
No problem on Mac OS X.

Manager v. 15.7.27

Anybody else has this problem?

yes it true

I can reproduce this issue too. No idea why.

Manager is using Select2 component so I might upgrade it to the latest version so see if it fixes the issue.

It’s still not working.

It looks like this issue hasn’t been fixed in Select2 component yet. Maybe the next version will include the fix, then it will be fixed in Manager too.

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I have this problem as well.

One of the top functionalities ever!

i have also facing this kind of problem until my current version Manager 16.5.20 still not fix

keyboard arrow key problem resolved ?
why its not working till version 17.4.41. in windows 10.1

Manager 17.4.55 still not working, hope it can be solved soon

The arrow key is still not working…manager 17.6.95 please look into it

Read the thread. This has nothing to do with Manager.

@lubos arrow keys are not working which forces me to use mouse each time consuming a lot of time please solve this problem

Same advice to you, @Robin_Rangi: read the thread. It’s not a Manager problem.

Just checked the website of Select2 (Currently v4.0.3) and it looks like this issue is solved there. On the examples you clearly can use the keyboard to select items. In Manager this functionality is still not working.

Windows: 10 Pro
Manager: v17.7.54

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The original issue on GitHub is still open but I will sure check this out. Thanks.

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It seems like they’ve recently changed the website and I have difficulties to reproduce this.

Can you try again to see if you can reproduce it and link the example? Also it would be helpful to know what web-browser you are using and try if you get consistent results in Internet Explorer or Edge.

Hi @lubos,

the url to is Select2.

Current version on Github is 4.0.3.

The drop down function works fine on IE 11.0.46, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Vivaldi.
It looks like that the function is stable on all browsers.

In IE I have noticed that the theme misbehaves after the first loading of the page. When refreshed the same page everything is settle. But the arrow key functionality remains stable.

See this image

any news yet? I’m using Manager 18.8.81 and the problem still the same

Just pinging to see if any updates on this issue.
This is the only thing holding me back on changing to use Manager on a full time basis. Need this sorted out badly.

@pravnkay, if you had read this entire thread, you would have learned why this has nothing to do with Manager. The behavior depends on your operating system.

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