Any updates for arrow keys

Hey anyone ,any updates on arrow keys responsiveness for windows version?

As it has been explained numerous times within this forum - the arrow keys is a problem belonging to a third party’s piece of software and is not something Manager can fix. So until the third party fixes their software there is “nothing” Manager can do about the situation.

I know it is a third party software so that is why I have asked is there any updates----
I did not ask why the arrow keys are not working and stufff

Keep checking this topic

It’s an open issue. Once it’s closed, it means it’s fixed.

Ok, so where do I look to find out which third party software is causing this issue?

I see where you referred us to check a different forum for more information. Unfortunately, that is a very technical thread and I have absolutely no idea what is being said. Is there a place where those of us who are not fluent in jargon and coding can find a way to fix it so that we may use our arrow keys to move through drop down menus? I don’t really even know what third party software could be affecting Manager.

the topic linked to is still open. if the issue is fixed it would be marked is closed. you do not have to have any idea about understanding it. if it is fixed there, it would be automatically fixed in Manager.

There are a lot of opened and closed topics on the github forum, most of them are CLOSED under the topic of the USE OF ARROW KEYS TO SELECT OR NAVIGATE through a form. So which one, in PARTICULAR, should we look out for to be CLOSED to solve Manager’s issue. Pointers will be a great help.

the developer @lubos himself has posted above a link to a topic. so i guess that would be the only one that matters.

It looks like number of people have proposed solutions and wrote the fix. It’s up to select2 developers to merge the fix into official release. As soon as that happens, Manager will include the fix.

Why does it take so long? I have no idea. My understanding is that this issue was meant to be fixed in version 4.0.0. The library is now at 4.0.6 and the fix is scheduled for 4.1.0 now.