Easy entry in Purchase and Sales invoice

I have some suggestion to speedup purchase invoice and sales invoice entry.

  1. When we prepare an invoice the “account” should be selected in every line like “Inventory sale”, “Sale”.
    In my case most of my sales are inventory sale. In every line I have to select the account “inventory sale”.
    But it should be select automatically same account of previous line when we add new line.

  2. Same method should be follow in tracking code entry.

  3. We are not able to use arrow key to select inventory items in invoice. find the screen shot below

Inventory items will be moved to Items column so it won’t be necessary to select account in future.

As for arrow keys, this is known bug in 3rd-party library.

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I found the same issue in win 7 & 10

Can we use single tracking code for entire invoice.

when we can expect an update on this.

Its great news, i have been waiting for it.

It’s done.