Arrow keys not working

Hey I am using manager 16.9.76 version
And Windows 7 64 bit recently installed that.
In this on any sales invoice or cash account or any page where the drop down list is there I am not able to use the keys as it’s not moving up or down.
How to fix this issue kindly help me please.
Without it it would be difficult to use sales invoice and other drop down lists pages too.

Also the print for a single page invoice is coming blank.

Early help would be much appreciated

This is an older issue which hasn’t been resolved yet. Basically the problem is in 3rd-party library which hasn’t been fixed yet.

Is there any guesses that how much time it would take?
Or any other way we could?
Like I have seen select2 software too so with the help of that??
But I don’t know where to apply those codes…
As I am new here…:blush:

@Austro_Led_Lights if you get any update on that do let me know please.
2) I am having one more problem if you could solve it please let me know…
The invoice is not getting printed. The page comes out blank and also in preview it shows blank.
Not only in first page but also if the invoice is 2 pages T doesn’t prints.
Where as the printer is working fine and everything is good.

So when it will be resolved lubos ?
Please make it fast…
And yes it’s a great software loved a lot