Solution: Changing your Application Data storage path in Mac

This is not a question, but for those Mac users who want their data to be reachable (I have a folder in dropbox with my business accountancy data to reach it from different computers), there is an issue: When trying to change the path in the “About Manager Tab”, they will notice that no matter what they put. It never changes the default path. The default path stores the file in a hidden folder called “.share”.

You have to go to Applications, right click and select info (or just ⌘+i). At the bottom, you have to open the paddlock and change permissions for admin and everyone to “read and write”.

After that, you’ll be able to change the path. Then the files produced by the program will be yours to share, move from one computer to another etc.

I would consider this to be a bug. You shouldn’t be changing permissions in order to change the Application Data path. I will need to look into it.

Yes, it’s a bug for sure, but if the administrator permissions are set to “read only”, there is no way to make changes.

Appart from that, my knowledge of bookkeeping is quite at the same level as a lemur’s, so Manager is saving my life literally.

I tried this and failed. Eventually losing my data. Fortunately it was backed-up so could import the business files again.