Moving the location of Manager Data Files

I’ve created a new business account but it’s put the data file(s) in the same place as a previous business and I want to move it. I can’t find a way of doing it from within the program so I tried to do it by hand. However, I see a number of files and I don’t know which ones to move:


You want to change the location of folder where Manager should store data? And if so, why?

The current version of Manager can indeed let you locate where you like data files to be located. Thanks for this feature!

If I understand @netconuk correctly, he may be saying he wants to put the data for one business in a different place from the data for another business. If that is correct, I don’t think it is possible. While you can change the location for Manager’s data, all business are stored in the same files, aren’t they @lubos?

Yes, that’s right @Tut. I have two separate companies and the nightly backups are independent. I was keen to keep the data files apart for each of the backups.

@lubos will have to weigh in on whether that is possible. Obviously, if implemented on separate machines, you could do it. Otherwise, I’m not sure. I’m boring: I only have one company.

I suppose if you run OSX or linux you can fix this with symlinks?

@netconuk, if your use-case is backup related, then all you need is to know where the business file is physically located, right? Once you know the path, then it’s just matter of including it in your backup plan.

Yes except that I will be backing up Company A as well as Company B. I was just trying to keep them separate. It’s not a show stopper but just seemed a nice way of working.

In the latest version (15.1.41), when you mouse hover over Backup button, it will show you full path of the .manager file on your disk. This way you will be able to tell which business is stored in which file so you know which file to include in which backup plan.

Just so I understand this, @lubos, are you saying different businesses can store their backup files in different locations? I thought all businesses would be in one database, including removed businesses.

Each business is stored on disk in different file. But all businesses are always stored in the same folder.