Bank transaction cleared date

Sorry if this issue has been raised before but I have searched & couldn’t find it.

So I’m one of the 2 folks that manually reconciles his bank statement. I change the status to cleared & click the date field & it defaults to the current month but I’m reconciling last month. Is there any way to make it do default to last month?

Love the software I’m on 20.2.88


if you are using the Windows desktop edition, change the system date before opening Manager.

you need to update as you are more than a hundred versions behind.

To be clear, @sharpdrivetek was referring to the system date for your operating system, not any date in Manager. While this will make the pop-up calendar open in the month you set for the system date, it will also cause the program to ignore any transactions entered for dates after that false system date. And you would need to remember to change the system date back when you were finished reconciling your bank statement. So that workaround may not be attractive to you.

Basically, Manager includes no capability to make the pop-up calendar do anything besides what it normally does. The program relies on the operating system for that.

I change the status to cleared & click the date field & it defaults to the current month

What do you mean by this? What status? A bank reconciliation does not have a status code to be cleared - it has a date, a bank account and an amount

If you want re-do the reconciliation for last month you just edit the Bank Reconciliation in question or, indeed, just delete it and re-create a new one with the date, account and amount you are reconciling

@Joe91, I am fairly certain @Bob_Patterson was referring to the transaction Status field on receipts or payments, not to anything having to do with the reconciliation statement itself or the Bank Reconciliations tab.

This was another example of imprecise use of program terminology getting in the way of understanding a forum member’s question.

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This is the function I was referring to: Please see attached.

That calendar is the one I would like to start in last month.

I sincerely apologize for my stupidity.


OK, @Bob_Patterson, that notice refers to the Status field on the receipt or payment form, as I suspected. You are being referred to it from within the Bank Reconciliations tab’s reconciliation process because the statement did not immediately reconcile.

Regardless of how you get to that field, the pop-up calendar is—as I said earlier—under the control of your operating system, not Manager. And there is no control with Manager to change what pops up. It is always the current month, according to the date your operating system believes it to be.

Thanks Tut