Custom field on fixed asset summary

I know I have been asking for 3 years now.Can we please have the ability to have our custom field show on the asset summary . it seems we have that ability on every other report except this one

With only a couple exceptions, custom fields do not show on reports, only on forms. Showing custom fields generally requires the display to be produced by a theme. Only statements are produced that way. The other exception is Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field.

@Wornout what possibly are you trying to achieve with that feature? You have to give details to stand a chance of being considered.

It not impossible for it to get added, just give details and example on why you think such a feature is needed. The programmer seeks to improve the application and uses feedbacks here on the forum to improve the app.

I wanted to be able to put the depreciation % on the summary for each asset. Because manager is the only reports I need to print out to give to client.It helps anyone else to see at what % they were depreciated at.The tick box is there “To show on printed reports” but it doesn’t do anything.Yes I know I can import into excel but this is the only thing I am missing and when time is money the extra time it takes me is a hassle.And thanks Abeiku for at least showing an interest in what I was asking.

What you are asking, @Wornout, is not a small change. It would require a complete revision of the structure of reports in the program. Reports are hard coded to include certain defined content, and they must allow for creation of PDFs. So when creating them, the software does not look for custom fields, which it cannot know about in advance. Reports require specific, essential information, and custom fields are, by definition, non-essential.

When a financial transaction form displays custom fields, that is because there is already code built in to display them. Similar code does not exist for reports.