Custom Fields

Can we get custom fields on the fixed asset report yet

No. You have been asking this question for years now. It’s in the ideas category in response to one of your earlier requests: Fixed asset summary. The fact that it is still there means it has not been implemented.

Just so you understand (and I think I’ve explained this before), reports are hard-coded presentations of data. No report allows custom fields. Realistically, the most you can probably hope for is a footer section like the P&L report has.

That would be a custom report or report transformation

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A simple No would have done. I was just checking to make sure it had not been implemented in one of the many updates we have had.

I have been using <br xx%br> in the asset name for some time and it shows the % that the asset has been depreciated by. But now I think about it, its not a custom field anymore but a set field now I would of thought it could go on the report if wanted.

Are you saying that the content you are adding to the asset names with <br> tags is not showing up on the Fixed Assets Summary? It should, and does in my test.

No it shows but since the depreciation up grade(which is wonderful) you put the % in a set field. So now maybe that can be added to the asset summary. Yes I sort of have changed my question a bit as half way through typing I realized it was no longer a custom field but a set field.

I understand now.