Fixed assets report minor issue


  1. I like to have footer within Fixed Asset Report for additional information like Base Currency used for measurement.

  2. The export data doesn’t align properly when I paste on excel. Please do some adjustment while at it.


Thank you!

  1. Fixed assets are always valued in your base currency. Otherwise your books won’t balance. There is no choice.

  2. I can reproduce this bug. In my case, contents of the Disposals column are displaced to be under Depreciation. And Closing entries appear under Disposals. In other words, all numbers to the right of Additions are displaced one column to the left.

I’ll put this into the Bugs category.

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true. but is it not necessary to show what the base currency is? there is no currency visible anywhere on the report.

i wonder why there is an inconsistency throughout Manager regarding showing currency. why not show the currency wherever amounts are shown? it will not take a lot of screen space to show a currency symbol. the currency is what separates mere numbers from values.

By long accounting tradition, financial reports do not include currency designations or symbols, because it is understood they are in the operating (base) currency of the organization. Symbols just add visual clutter, even if they fit.

But everything on a financial statement is a monetary value unless it is an inventory quantity. And then the context makes it obvious which it is.

your points are valid. but only the business user is sure about the base currency they have set. an accountant or auditor who handles the accounts of few many business would be confused at times by just seeing a report.
if the currency adds visual clutter, why not have a line like ‘All values are in USD’ under every report heading, or as a footer initially suggested by @acecombat2

You can include that information in the report title. The title field accepts HTML, so you vary font size, add line breaks, etc.

That is possible. But I was hoping to have it as a default. Reports are usually something a user expects to be generated automatically without a lot of input. Adding a text to the title, leave alone html, every time a report is generated is not an efficient and timesaving method.

Maybe I misunderstood of what @tut suggest about the ‘title’ meant. Is it within Theme edit screen? Liquid codes?

@Tut, understandable by ‘tradition’ 'and ‘clutter’ . and I’m not here to against it. All I need some field that allows me to give explanation missing information or relevance of what is being presented in the fixed asset report.

Do understand there is the need this particular report to be read by external parties as the fixed asset module, only display total of all fixed assets type’s accumulated depreciation in a single account in balance sheet (and coa). In which there is necessary the fixed assets summary to be disclosed for more details. Unless there is the option to allow for apportionment by types of fixed assets in balance sheet (and coa) then it makes the fixed assets summary unnecessary.

No. I was referring to a field when you create or edit a report. In the case of the Fixed Asset Summary, it is called Description.

Description field as far i can tell it doesn’t display the defined text in the report.

Oh, you are correct. I didn’t realize that. I did test the Title field on some other reports, and it works there.

Report export fixed in the latest version (18.3.34)

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