Asset Summary Report

I used to put
20%DV next to the asset name in the fixed asset and it would come out on the report nicely but now it comes out twice
I can see why because of the words fixed asset total it must use the name field twice how can I fix it


You cannot change the basic structure of a built-in report. The purpose of the layout is to make clear that the total is the net of cost and accumulated depreciation for that asset alone, not the total for all fixed assets.

Why is this an issue?

Not an issue. And I realized I can not change the report. The totals were not there when I set it up and now they are I was hoping someone might have another way of getting the % into the report. The custom field does not come out on the report and this was our work around at the time.Now it looks messy and I shall go through and take it out and wait until custom fields can be shown in report

You could replace the depn % line break with a dash, that would remove two lines per asset and look less messy.

If you haven’t seen it, have a look at The example illustrates a way to use custom fields to provide additional, useful information in the Fixed Assets listing directly. Personally, I find exporting that listing, including such extra information as depreciation percentages, to more informative than the Fixed Assets Summary. The two in combination surely furnish everything you might need, including a cleaner Fixed Assets Summary. Just my opinion.

Yes Tut I could export but the less I export the less can get lost or changed and if I keep it in manager it all looks the same. I don’t come on here to complain I love manager and try and promote it when I can. I always try and have a work around if I have a problem. I realize what suits one does not necessarily suit another.
The asset summary is really all I need for my clients but I know when a new client brings me a set of reports for the previous year and I enter them in to manager I have to figure out what the rate is so would like to put it in my reports just in case.
A while back when I asked if custom fields could go in the report someone said maybe at a much later date there was more pressing things to attended to which is fair enough. So I will wait until that day comes it is not important in the over all big picture .