Journal Entry Must show accounts codes also

@lubos please let journal entries show account codes or at least the option to display the codes on the print out. Thanks

Added to the latest version (18.7.39), but… I think presentation is quite messy lumping code + account / sub-account into a single column.


Can it be Separate (Account Code Column)? and the account column to be display in cascade if there is sub accounts, so it will alligned with related account codes?

@abeiku Can you please describe your use case? there seems two different request. one in the print and one in the view.

To view and therefore to print. Account names may change but codes are forever.

Meaning @abeiku doing it for the purpose of binding it for other party to examine physically. Not really ‘in the manager application workflow’.

Then the design has to change to cater account/sub-accounts code, the current does not work well lubos…

I don’t like it either - it over complicates the report