Journal Entry errors on Windows (related to tax codes)

Journal Entries in v 21.2.24 not working

This is not a very helpful post

If you expect any help you need to give more information and include screen shots of t he edit transactions which you say do not work with an explanation of what you expected and why you think it is not working

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I am having issues with Journal entries also, I fill it out and press create and nothing happens. Even if the balance is 0 and everything is filled out.

What do you mean by “press next”?

There is no button “next” on the JE form

Again illustrate your question with images

I fill it out and press create and nothing happens.

Hi there,

Seems to be a problem with journal entries not updating. I am using latest version. Whilst alterations to amount can be made, when Update button is pushed - nothing happens. The entry remains unchanged.


This is a bug - probably got something to do with the recently added option to indicate if the journal entry is to be recognised as a Sale or purchase for tax accounting

Can you please illustrate with Edit screen from journal entries? I cannot reproduce any problem on desktop or cloud edition, with or without tax codes, in v21.2.24 or v21.2.25.

When I click on Create - the JE is not created and the window does not change to the View view as normal

But in a Test Business where no tax codes have been created or imported, it works which leads me to conclude it has something to do with the Tax code recognition

Why is there not an option on the drop down list for “None” or “Not Applicable”

Because the option should not be available until a tax code is selected on one or more entry lines. Here is an example with no tax code:

As soon as a tax code is added, the field appears:

@Joe91 and @Grandpa, I know you are both on Windows. Another bug cropped up today that seems to only affect Windows. (My screen shots were on a Mac.) I moved this topic to bugs and edited the title.

If you open a link to the Journal Entry form in a new browser window, then the Create button works in the new browser window

Should be fixed in the latest version (21.2.26)