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Hi All,
I am working with the latest Windows version (21.3.72) and it seems that

  1. I cannot select accounts by their number any more. Manager does not recognize this any more.
  2. The connected VAT, which was entered in the Chart of Accounts setting, does not automatically appear anymore on the sheet. You now have to select the VAT percentage. An extra step.

Both is a downgrade, as it takes more work to enter the journal enries.
Can anyone tell me why this is changed?

Please search the forum before starting new posts. This is a known bug: Account codes not showing on journal entries.

You need to explain what you mean in more detail. Please provide screen shots. What “connected VAT?” What “sheet?”

Hi Tut,
I did start with the search, but perhaps not accurately enough. Sorry for that. So this item will be solved in near future.

Regarding the VAT: when defining an account you can fill in a VAT percentage. See screenprint
Account and VAT

When making a journal entry the VAT percentage should appear as a standard in the entry. But it does not anymore.
See screenprint

I hope this helps to explain.

@Henny, I honestly do not know the developer’s intent with regard to predefined tax codes on journal entries. I can think of several reasons why they might not appear:

  • Tax codes are generally applied when there are recordable events under a tax scheme. A payment for an expense under a VAT scheme, for example, involves input VAT. Journal entries very often are not recording taxable events, but transfers between accounts in situations where the tax has already been recorded.
  • Taxes are always included in gross debits and credits on journal entries to ensure they can be balanced.
  • Depending on local law, tax is not always transferrable when an underlying amount is. Circumstances behind the journal entry can play a part in that determination.
  • When a tax code must be applied to a debit or credit on a journal entry to make adjustments, it is necessary to determine whether, for tax purposes, the line item represents (a) a sale or sale adjustment or (b) a purchase or purchase adjustment. This cannot be determined from a blind application of a tax code, but must be figured out from the context of the journal entry.

You wrote in post #3, “…it does not anymore.” That implies that tax codes used to appear. I do not know if that is true. If so, the change was most likely associated with introduction of the sale/purchase designation mentioned in the fourth point above. That change occurred at the end of January 2021, just two months ago. So it is possible you might not have noticed it until now.

Yes, tax codes used to appear in the past in the journal entry
See my other comments in your previous reply.

If you enter purchase correctly using payments or purchase invoices rather than journal entries, this will not be an issue. See my comments in your other thread.

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