Update button

The Update button does not work within the journal entries

on Desktop edition

What operating system? What version number? Where in the program? In other words, what are you trying to update? What happens?

No one can help without information.

i always update my software ,

i use desktop edition - version 21.2.25

I repeat my questions:

i need to create new Journal Entry , but can’t make create

Cannot create or update any Journal Entries in desktop Version 21.2.25

This was a bug - it has been corrected. You need to update your software

I Have Last Version

is there any news when will release new version ?

That is not the latest version

Your version is 21.2.25
The latest version is 21.2.63, so you are about 40 versions behind

@Aboselim, please do not post the same question in two topics. That delays answers for all users. This topic is closed.