Journal Entry not created

How to save an journal entry? Clicking Create does not do anything! Do i need to click somewhere else? Very frustrating that the basic function seems broken!!! Why doesn’t the button marked Create actual create anything?

This is a known bug

So? You mean the whole software is useless?

No, it was introduced in the latest version about 1 day ago - we await a fix.

Bugs like this are usually fixed very quickly

Very quickly? How long does it take? 1 minute? 1 hour? 1 day? 1 year?

Usually these kind of bugs are solved very quickly, ie in less than one day.

Please, keep a more calm and polite tone in the forum.

Sorry, but am a new user and the very first time i try to use it it’s most basic function, entering a booking, is broken and there is no way to downgrade to a working version. Understand my frustration?

Found an external source for version 16, and it actually performs it’s most basic function, creating a journal booking.

Manually performed journal entries are normally not necessary. Did you read any of the available Guides?

Yes, and could not find a one that isn’t about a singular isolated topic but actually provides an overview of how to make a booking. How do I book a sale if not via a journal entry? Isn’t that the basic first step of bookkeeping? How do I book anything if not via the method ment for it?

Well, you clearly have not read any guide. A sale is recorded by creating a sales invoice. You can find all the info in the guides mentioned under Account receivable.

I already have an invoice, don’t need to make one. I just need to put in a bookkeeping program, using a journal entry.

Your assumption I haven’t read any guide is wrong.

How I am i to find out, with the paper invoice already in hand, that i have to make a second invoice? Don’t need an invoice, need to do some bookkeeping, basic and simple, via journal entries.

Whose sales invoice is it? Yours or a supplier’s? If it is yours and was entered in Manager, it is already recorded and you do not need to do anything else. If it was from a supplier, you need to enter it as a purchase invoice. Regardless, no journal entry is necessary. Creation of both types of invoices are covered in great detail in the Guides.

As you can see it was fixed in less than one day.