Journal entries

Cash and cash equivalents not showing in the journal

You need to furnish more background information.

The Cash and cash equivalents control account was eliminated long ago. It was replaced by Cash at bank and Cash on hand. Bank and cash accounts were automatically assigned to the appropriate control account by the update script. So you may have recently updated from a very old version.

Regardless, transactions involving movement of money into or out of the business cannot be entered as journal entries in Manager. They are entered only in the Receipts & Payments tab. Read the Guides in the Cashbook category of the Guides Index.

Yes, i saw the only two ways available are receipts and payments

If you are not maintaining a Cash Book with details of all receipts and payments under Manager but need to use Bank Accounts instead of creating an asset account for the bank account under the Chart of Accounts then you can use a clearing account for your journal entries then allocate the net movement to a bank account under Receipts & Payments to the clearing account.

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