Exchange between cash accounts

I have a problem. A customer has paid cash on an invoice. But I have opened more cash accounts ( cash and bank) under the category Cash. I like to exchange the recieved amount from cash into a bank account. But this seems not possible. Although in the booking window for recieved amounts I can click on my bank accounts. But nevertheless on the balancesheet the amount keeps staying under the account Cash.
Is it not possible to make exchage journal entries between more cash accounts ( cash to bank or otherwise). That would be strange of course, for it has to be possible to make any correction between any account?

The Cash & cash equivalents account in the balance sheet on the Summary page includes all types of cash accounts, including bank accounts, credits cards, PayPal, petty cash, etc. Click on the balance and you will see components. Or click on the Cash Accounts tab.

You cannot record any transaction involving the movement of money under Journal Entries. All must be entered under Cash Accounts.

To move money between cash accounts, click on Transfer money. Read this Guide: