Journal entries moving to Suspense account

Dear @lubos

we have just updated to the last version (22.6.20) and € 7.328.683,32 of transactions (starting form 1/1/2021) went inside suspense account.

They are all journal entries related to special accounts. It seems that they are linked directly to the subledger instead to have them linked to the main account and then to the subledger of the special account.

This is a big big issue! We will have to adjust them all one by one and then to check our BS of each semester.

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Latest version as of writing is 22.7.31 for desktop and (I think I’ve read) 22.8.1 for cloud.

Yes, you are right. We updated to 22.7.31 and we got this bug.

We are checking all previous journal entries one by one vs the backup opened with version 22.6.20.

As said it seems that Manager tries to allocat directly to the special account. We have to manually link the main account and then the subledgers, ie the special account.

Can you illustrate this with screen shots?

Here is an example from the History Tab. We are correcting them one by one…

as you can see “UBI Banca Popolare di Ancona” is a subledger of “Debiti Vs. Istituti di Credito”. We have to correct each writing by selecting the account and then the special account.

@Davide, how these journal entries have been created? Did you use Batch Create or API?

In previous versions, if Special Account GUID was put into Account field, Manager would handle that but… it had performance implications in long term. New version is less forgiving but in return, scales better.

The reason this change was introduced rather quietly is because it wasn’t possible to create journal entries like this using normal data entry workflow anyway.

Batch Create

How many journal entry lines are there to fix for you?

They were around 100 but we have already fixed them thanks to a teamwork.