Error in suspense for transaction which i never made

Just today morning i noticed that i have some small figures in suspense for foreign currency gained as attached though there is no Foreign Currency transaction by suppliers, customers in any invoices. Could anybody explain this?

This is definitely a bug. Under no circumstances there should be any foreign exchange entry in Suspense account. Any chance you could send me your accounting file to ?

OK, I fixed the issue in the latest version but these transactions still show in Suspense as unbalanced journal entries.

Since your base currency has two decimal places, you need to make sure your journal entries debit or credit accounts with up to 2 decimal places. You have a journal entry which debits or credits some accounts with 3 decimal places.

What Manager will do is it will round each journal entry line to two decimal places which can then produce rounding discrepancy and this discrepancy will be posted to Suspense account.

To fix the issue, make sure each line item in journal entry has amount with 2 decimal places only (not 3)

Thank you @lubos
I found one more error while receiving money through cash/bank module as attached.

I currently have a customer named "Noapara Sales Center’’ as attached - but I am unable to understand, how I can still see ‘‘Noapara Ghat’’ as another customer which I deleted long ago and I don’t have such name now anymore in payee/supplier/customer list. Could you please explain what is happening? Thanks in advance.

Do not think of the dropdown list as including only active suppliers or customers. It is just a list of recent entries that might match what you have typed so far.