Journal entries come up under Equity: Suspense?

I added some journal entires in the previous year to get my account balances to work. These have come up in the Summary page under Equity: Suspense?
Is this correct?

Every “unbalanced” journal entry will appear in “Suspense” account.

By definition, journal entry is correct only if debits equal credits. Manager will let you save journal entry even if debits and credits don’t equal (useful to save in progress work) but the difference will be put into “Suspense” account.

I have a Journal entry:
Account receivable 524.5 CR
Account Payable 234 DB
Account Payable 290.5 DB
However I get a Suspense of 290.5

Is this normal?

This is abnormal, but probably not because of any problem in Manager.

Accounts receivable records amounts owed to you by customers. The customers must be created first under the Customers tab so they have subaccounts. Entries to the A/R account normally are generated via sales invoices.

Accounts payable records amounts owed by you to suppliers. Suppliers must be created first under the Suppliers tab so they have subaccounts. Entries to A/P are normally generated via purchase invoices.

Why you might be trying to convert an amount a customer owes you into an amount a supplier (or two suppliers) owes you is beyond my imagination. Because that is what your transaction accomplishes. A/R is an asset account, decreased by the credit. A/P is a liability account, also decreased by the debits. So your journal entry is recording a reduction in what a customer owes you and a corresponding reduction in what you owe a supplier or suppliers. That does not make sense.

Regardless, I suspect you did not allocate the 290.5 debit to a supplier. So Manager dumped it to Suspense.

@Pity do you have a client who is also a supplier and are you trying to transfer balances between them - then check out this guide page I would suggest that your 2nd Account Payable entry is probably missing some sub-account data that’s why it is defaulting to the suspense account

Hi, Thank you both @Tut and @Brucanna
I found that the issue is with my purchase invoice, one line wasn’t allocated.