Journal entries and inventory transfers for Stock adjustments

A while back (6+ months) in order to add in previously missing stock there had to be a journal entry as well as an inventory transfer from a non specific location to a stock location.

A few months back it seemed like it was changed and only a journal entry was needed. I could’ve sworn I looked at it a few weeks ago and it was added correctly. I looked today as there are some big discrepancies and all the journal entries are now on ‘Unspecified location’ although on that journal entry they have been assigned to a location.

Am I again required to do both a journal entry and an inventory transfer or was that always the case and I’m just losing my mind?

Thank you!

there was an issue with inventory location which was fixed in version 20.5.67
so if you are using an older version, please update and check again.

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I’m using the cloud version (20.5.73 at the moment).

So should I do the inventory transfer together with the journal entry or is the journal entry enough? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

you can select the Inventory location in the journal entry itself.

i never had to do an inventory write on so i cannot check any transactions from my end. but a similar bug was fixed as i had mentioned earlier which do not seem to appear on version 20.5.70

you can post some relevant screenshots to identify the issue and maybe @lubos can have a look.

@lubos Not sure exactly how to showcase it.

This shows that the inventory location was selected in the journal entry.

This shows the breakdown for the “unspecified location”. The inventory transfer was added today as I thought it was required again (as it was 6+ months ago).

Showing that although the journal entry specified the location it still ended up in “unspecified location”

It would be great to get some clarification on this so I know if I need to revert back and do inventory transfers for all the old journal entries or not.

As of 28/05/2020 (Version 20.5.90) the journal entries are still showing up in “Unspecified location” even though a location was put.

@WildTZ fixed in the latest version (20.5.95)

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@lubos Great! Thank you very much!