Inventory from expense claim not going to correct location


an employee has purchased inventory items and I have used the expense claim to reimburse the purchase, but I also booked the goods to inventory on hand and used the Inventory location.

Unfortunately the goods are not booked on the correct inventory locations, but remain in the Unspecified location.

What should I do here?

I can reproduce this bug and will move the topic to the bugs category. Meanwhile, you can use an inventory transfer to put the inventory into the correct location. See Transfer inventory between locations | Manager.

Watch what happens when this bug is fixed, @AA236. You might discover twice the inventory at the location in question, one lot from the expense claim that so far has been ignored and the other from the inventory transfer. The bug fix will not delete the inventory transfer. You will have to either delete the transfer or transfer inventory back. Your overall quantity should remain correct, however.

I think this is now fixed in the latest version (20.5.67). Can you please check?

Yes, it is fixed.