Account codes not showing on journal entries

The account codes does not show in the journals dropdown anymore. It did show there before. It looks like in this discussion it was changed to be showing, but now it does not show anymore.
Can I switch it on somewhere that it will show again?

@Petrie_Fuls this will be fixed sometime tomorrow.

Hi Lubos. I am using the desktop version 21.3.65 and account numbers are still not showing in the journal dropdown.

Thanks for your time


Obviously not yet tomorrow :slight_smile: (using Desktop edition on Windows 10 version 21.3.70)

Fixed in the latest version (21.3.73)

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Mine still not show accounts codes. I am on cloud version.

@Petrie_Fuls, if your version number does not show as 21.2.73, restart your server here:

You can force the upgrade by going to then click Restart Cloud Server button.

THe real problem which is causing lots of entry errors and which was reported before is not yet fixed and that is the display of the categories in the dropdown that was there before. An additional one to that is the width of the column and partially due to a larger font size which is unnecessary when selecting. I hope that this soon gets restored to display as as in payments and receipts. Thank you.

Cool, thanks, it worked.