Hopefully my last functionality question

Hey again, in the process of migrating over. this is a sample bill i use with quickbooks. most invoices contain several line items or “jobs” on the vehicle each visit with a labor charge followed by parts charges. Any way in Manager to generate a subtotal line for easy breakdown by the customer?

Not with the standard sales invoice. You would have to create a new view template and write a custom invoice in HTML.

How would I make the template know when to subtotal a line/job? With if statements? If blank space then (sum of items)?

Sorry. I’m not a programmer.

luckily i just started learning a few months ago in a C# derivative. Just got it working! Found the “For loop” printing line items, created a local variable to sum up totals and added an “if statement” to look for the line name “sub”. if it was found, it prints the local variable in place of line total and resets the local variable to 0 to continue looping. if any users need help i’ll glady post the snippet of code. i like this program more and more.

I’m planning to add support for sub-totals on quotes and invoices anyway. So in future custom HTML won’t be needed.

Hello, Lubos. First up, thanks for your hard work on this great software.

Did sub-totals ever get added to quotes? I can’t see them…

I’m looking for a way to provide several alternatives in a single quote, which could be done with sub-totals and no total.

Obviously it’s possible to do this as multiple quotes but that means my customer has to compare multiple pages rather than a single page.

Not as of yet.