Switching from Quickbooks.. one thing tho.. Customer:Job

I own an auto repair shop and currently use Quickbooks(hate it. have for years). I love everything about this program so far, with one exception: customer sub-levels. Being a shop owner I keep track of everything I do on and its important to be able to tell if I did a tune up on John Does Subaru or his wife’s Honda. I don’t think the code tracking will be a proper fit. Will anything like this be implemented soon?

Other thing is, I use item cataloging, but don’t particularly need inventory tracking. For instance i sell allot of M4612 oil filters. I keep some on-hand but not enough to matter. I also want to be able to type in LOF for a code and populate a description and price for the labor end. I believe its the tracking code stuff I need there and not inventory?

Customer:Job(vehicle) sublevels are the only thing stopping me from diving in head first, is it possible or is it on the near future to do list?


There is going to be job costing module which will be equivalent to Customer:Job functionality in Quickbooks.

As for non-inventory items, look under Settings tab, then Sales Invoice Items.

Awesome, one more question, will there be an “add on the fly” option to enter new items while making an invoice? Same goes for customers. Not a deal breaker. Very impressed with the software seems to good to be true. Small, light weight and a breeze to navigate. Great job.

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And lastly is manager in a repo for easy apt-get upgrades?