Feature request for Manager.io

I want to begin this post first off by adding that what you’ve created here is most awesome! I haven’t decided yet if I want to go with the cloud or the self hosted server solution, but I am strongly considering purchasing one package or the other purely in support of your great efforts (and will probably just continue to use the desktop version—because it really does suit me down to the ground in such a small business like ours).

I know there are release notes, and I think I’ve seen various comments by yourself regarding roadmaps or what he’s working towards next, but generally I see it that people are posting random feature requests as little extras in their comments on various posts.

Having a feature request thread with likes alone is not really an answer because people will just “like” everything and it really won’t give much feedback on what people find the most important to them. Well,maybe they won’t mark everything, but they’ll mark enough that the data is not so useful.

I know there are some paid solutions to hear user opinions, and like accounting software generally, they’re usually a bit over priced. I’m not so sure if there’s a good free or open source one, but I think it would be very advantageous if some sort of voting system could be employed whereby users have say 5-10 votes and can either make their own/new request at the cost of one or two votes, and/or add a quantity of 1-3 votes to the most important feature items they deem most desirable.

As you implement each request you can tick them off and the votes are returned to the users who voted on it. Maybe more experienced users get more votes.

Added to that, your own votes can count as 10 to begin with :stuck_out_tongue: whereby pushing your own agenda higher on the list. Or you yourself could assign unlimited and varying votes across the board to what are in fact working on. Who votes for what doesn’t really need to be public. And it may even elicit some useful suggestions on approaches you could take down the track, possibly thinking of branches or elements you haven’t yet considered but which are important to others.

This would not only create discussion on the most important features and garnish a more directed approach to the development with hopefully constructive support from the community.

I make this suggestion without fully understanding your “end game” or desired outcome of the software and I hope my suggestion isn’t out of place (feel free to remove it if you deem it inappropriate). I just feel that it would give you a better idea of how the users really want to see the application develop.

Anyway, just my $0.02 worth for the day.

Thanks again for an awesome package. I’m telling as many people about this package as best I can. In between bashing my head against a massive corporation wall whilst trying to open my own business.

Feature requests don’t work.

You have 100 users who vote on some idea. The idea gets implemented and 50 users out of 100 will realize it’s not what they imagined and spawn dozen or so new feature requests. So the number of feature requests will only keep growing and users will become frustrated because now there is a list reminding them all the features which could be in the program and are not in the program.

And you can’t implement all the features because then software would become bloated with so many features, people wouldn’t want to use the software in the first place. This is how software dies.

So every new feature added into Manager must be carefully fitted in so it doesn’t compromise simplicity. And that’s why users cannot prioritize features which will come next.

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Great point of view and kicked me in the butt too. :smiley: I totally get what you’re saying.

This is really awesome software if only for the fact that between it and this forum, I am actually learning so much.