Sales invoice items drop-down

any chance a fine tuning on sales invoice… invoice sales items drop down is very narraw/small. can this be made wider (maybe size of account dropdown?) so an item doesnt drop down numerous lines as its currently only 5 characters wide. only really required when dropdown is selected though, not once item is selected and moving to next field.

I can make it wider but sales invoice items are really just memorized invoice line items so you don’t have to re-type description and other details every time you create an invoice (or quote).

Sales invoice item name is not printed on invoice to customer so there is really no reason why it should be more than 5 characters long anyway. Don’t you think?

I understand.
It was actually my partner that said he’d like it wider and only really when you drop down to select. So choosing the right item was easier. Our items have longer names usually around 10 characters, some are longer and take up 3-4 lines in the drop down but most are 2 maybe 3 lines.

but… your right, 5 (or 10?) characters is probably fine =)

I’m a bit worried about ‘5 characters should be enough’.

Sales invoice item name seems to me to be the perfect place to store items by their actual product code. if I buy a part from, that part has a product code e.g. CS272B01. I could potentially use this as the product name within Manager.

Or I could use the manufacturer’s assigned part number.

Or the digits from the barcode.

Run a retail shop long enough, and you start to learn common product codes and can type them much faster from memory than using a very, very long drop-down box.