Item name default setting

In the inventories, can “hide item name be checked” as a default setting.
This is messing up with the layout. thanks

By default, item name should show on printed documents. This is because item name is visible on edit screens so view screens should be as close as possible to edit screens by default (more intuitive).

I imagine most businesses would show item name on printed documents anyway.


In my case, and I imagine many others, the three (Code, Item Name, Description) are distinct and separate.
They are usually used by me as follows-
Item Code (e.g. 607-2NSLC3P) is my suppliers code for ordering and used for my sales invoices and reciepts also.
Item Name (e.g. SKF 607 Bearing) is used by my suppliers for ordering only.
Item Description (e.g. Rear Bearing Electrolux Motor) is used for my sales only.

There are times it would be and advantage to use them as required.

Therefore I think there needs to be the option to show them as required on any printed documents.

Just my 2 cents worth…

Surely this would suit everyones requirements

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I agree with vacuumdog. can we have an option to show code and an option to show description and a option to show item name because in my case now it shows all or when ticked do not show item name there is no code or name only description.

i also request to activate this options described by Kay1223 and VACUUMDOG