It is possible to send BTW aangifte electronically?

Last year I read some post about someone is trying to write a plugin/function for Manager to make the generated concept BTW aangifte possible to be send it the belastingdienst (Dutch tax authority) electronically. This is a common function adopted by many other (online) accounting software. Lacking digitally sending the aangifte has become a major barrier for us to not use Manager in production.

What is the latest status on implementing such function? Does the development team got any date on this?

As far as I know, the development team in Australia isn’t working on adding this feature to Manager. What efforts are made to create such a plugin by other people is not known. Dutch online accounting software is focused on the Dutch market. Manager is focused on the international market. As long as it is not required by law, or as long as it is not a European standard, I think Manager will lack this functionality.

Thank you for your reply! I was aware that the official development team isn’t actively adding this functionality, and I understand the reason. Like you mentioned it is not their special focus on Dutch market. But I was wondering if the third party plugin that I saw people were discussing back in the time was actually production ready, and if it is, and if the official team has also realised the existence, would they integrated that into the product. OR if there’s any guidance where I can find the plugin.

Where did you see that discussion?

Either this forum or a post from other forum mentioning this that appears back in the time on google. I read it last year, and forgot where can I find the post.

I actually searched “BTW aangifte” here before I posted. But those are talking about bugs/how-tos