Automatic VAT report to dutch tax authorities

I am new to the Manager software. Love the look and easy layout. The guides are really useful.
I created my company in the software and filled in my first invoice. I also noticed the VAT report option inside the Manager software.

Does the Manager software have an option to automatically send my VAT report to Dutch tax authorities?
My previous accounting software had an option like that.

No. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

There is new framework within Manager that will allow digital integration with tax authorities. It’s in early stages though.

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Thank you for the fast reply. Digital integration with tax authorities would be awesome. I already found a page on the website of the Dutch tax authorities that will provide support for such integration.

Unfortunately, it is in Dutch: Ondersteuning aan ontwikkelaars aangiftesoftware

Let me know if I can do anything to help with integration like that. I.e. translating, testing, etc.

The integration will require Javascript programmer to write an extension that will extract figures from the report and posts them to tax authority. @AntonisV is working on a guide having created something similar for Greece already. The guide will help programmers in other countries how to proceed.


okay, that sounds very good. Looking forward to that guide @AntonisV
Thanks again @lubos

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Probably the first version of the guide will be ready in January.

I will also be here to help anyone, if I can, on overcoming any obstacles. Today I used Manager to send my first 20 invoices to Greek Authorities :slight_smile:


@AntonisV do you have an update on the guide how to create the integration between Manager and the tax authorities?

Sorry for the delay in my responce.

For the time being, I am also waiting for Lubos to finalize hiw desired extension’s mechanism so I can start writing the Guide. For sure he is working on it, but I don’t know his timeline.

But until then, maybe I can give you some help. Is there anything I can?

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I am a newbie when it comes to programming Javascript. But when I have a good guide I will get very far. Especially with your help and the other members of this forum.

Right now I would not even know which software to use.

Hello there,

Look this guide will NOT be a guide for javascript programming.

It will assume you already know javascript programing to nearly a professional level.

The Greek integration took about 250 hours for the first edition.

I don’t think that it is a task for newbies but it could be done with the overhead that you have to learn programing.


The vast majority of business have to file a VAT-report (aangifte) once per quarter. The standard built-in report gives you all the details you need, required for filing your quarterly report. The Dutch tax-legislation by the way doens’t require electronic filing.
It requires a lot op programming to realize the feature of electronic filing. There are a lot of areas, can be improved in favour of all of us than just a bunch of Dutch users…

Kind regards,
Hennie Eerhart
Dutch user for quite a number of years

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:woozy_face: That’s a lot of work.

What people tend to overlook is that it takes a few minutes to get a dirty implementation to run for the time being, but that’s just 1% of doing a good job. You need to spend weeks of hard work on top of that to make it safe, secure and future proof.

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It depends on the Authority’s API complexity. There will be easier and harder implementations.

Hi, I see that as of April the implantation for automatic filing the report to the Dutch authorities is not yet been down. Is there any updates?