Issue with update to 18.4.39

Running Manager Desktop on macOS 10.13.4, did an update to version 18.4.39 of Manager and have lost access to my data. I had one company setup in the system and now 3 appear with no data behind them! Have tried restoring from a backup but this just adds another blank company.

Latest version is 18.5.3 so you should update to that version.

Where are you getting your updates from?

You should be getting them here - Manager - Download

Have just updated to the version from the site, I believe the last update the software told me to download. Still having the same issue. Can’t access my historical data.

@gwebby, did you somehow add the files showing on your Businesses page? Did you copy files you thought were Manager files into some folder?

The first two are simply index files that tell the application what business files it should look for and where. The third file is an audit trail. None of the first three should appear as businesses. The fourth file might be a business file, but its size tells us there is no actual data in it.

An update requires you to do nothing with data files. Since you are on a Mac, did you follow the procedures in this Guide exactly?

Unless you proactively moved or deleted your business (I do not mean by using the Remove button—that only removes the name from the list on the Businesses page), your data is not lost. After you have the program properly installed with the latest version from the official web site, read the following Guide to explore contents of our application data folder, find your real data, import it if necessary, and get rid of bogus businesses:

Thanks @Tut, the guides you referenced were able to sort me out and my data is safe!