Issue with figures with RTL currency symbol

Egyptian currency in pounds.pdf (27.2 KB)
Currency after modification.pdf (8.0 KB)

After downloading an updated version of the site, it was discovered that the Arabic language is written backwards ((i.e. from back to front)) and attached screenshots were sent to you
Note that before the last update, things were working 100% correctly.
We hope to kindly treat the subject and provide us with this so that we can continue with you in the development and modification to reach the highest modern scientific levels.
We thank and appreciate your well cooperation with us

This is a very complex issue. There’s been lots of fixes to accommodate for Right-to-Left (RTL) languages which included using Left-to-Right (LTR) markers within RTL text so that numbers are displayed correctly.

Apparently, this LTR marker applies for the entire field so the currency symbol has to be LTR as well. I think it’s better to use EGP as your currency symbol instead.

Well, I will fix whatever needs to be fixed. The main issue is that I can’t read Arabic and don’t know all the rules unless being told.

@Ealfardan is correct. The entire balance will be LTR including the currency symbol. My understanding is that currency symbols should be immune to this. At least all currency symbol as per XE - World Currency Symbols would not be affected.

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As far as I have seen, Manager has by far the best support for Arabic language support among all popular accounting packages.

I wouldn’t call this a bug as the symbol can be replaced with ISO currency code but I wouldn’t mind this addition.

This fix will only widen the gap between Manager and the second best. :slightly_smiling_face:


@alwakeel. Try this:

After experimenting with multiple approaches, the latest version (21.9.21) presents figures in RTL mode like this:



Summary screen:


On general ledger summary report:


On invoice:


Negative number:


Can someone confirm it’s all correct?

Should the currency symbol be in front or at the back? Should debit/credit mark be in front or at the back?

Looks fine to me.

The Dr/Cr marks could be both prefixed or suffixed, it’s just a matter of preference.

The currency symbol should be shown at left not like the picture.

Version No. 21.9.21
Everything is ok except the negative sign.
it should be after the number the same in English
currently it is like:
it should be like:

Please check the latest version (21.9.23).

This version removes number formats where thousands separator is a blank space or ' character. So thousands separator can either be . or , which do not break layout in RTL.


Excellent work, everything we asked for here has been done.

Just a short question. Thats mean there will no possibility to have a number formatted as ### ###,## ?
I really miss the correct number format for Estonia.
Here is also some small list, that are using the same number format as Estonia:

In the latest version (21.10.15) I made it so space group separator is available in LTR languages but not RTL.