Invoice already sended label

Is it possible to mark an invoice as already sended (e.g. by a colored label in the status collom or a stamp on the invoice) to avoid sending the same invoice twice by accident.

That is an issue of internal management of workflow, not an accounting issue. The available status options reflect information available to the program. What you or your employees do after an invoice is created is beyond knowing. One user might create and print invoices, but deliberately hold them until a predetermined date. Another might send them by regular mail. A third might create PDFs from them, then add supporting documentation before emailing. Manager cannot know whether anyone actually did what they say they did.

From an accounting perspective, the sales invoice creates an account receivable. That is an accurate representation of the accounting status of the sale involved, no matter what anyone does with the record itself. Manager will accurately report the invoice has been created. There can be no confusion about that, because it will be listed in the Sales Invoices register. It won’t help you know whether someone lost it on the way to the post office, threw away a printed copy, or ran off 16 copies on the photocopier.

I agree. If you email all invoices directly from Manager you can always check if you have already emailed a particular invoice.

@tut @sam Hello i can only partially agree. From a accounting perspective you are absolutely right. But from a usability point of view you’re not. I think that if a large group of users would benefit from an enhancement that is not necessarily directly related to accounting it should be added (e.g. the mail function). I don’t know if a large group will benefit from this small enhancement but it’s just a suggestion and i most certainly would.


That can be very annoying if there are a lot of invoices in the list.