Is there a way to add Services to accounts

Hi I was wondering if there was a way to services - ie check or service computer.
It is not really an inventory because it does not exist, you might have different rates for different things, not so much hourly based, but some could be purely hours…?

You use non-inventory items for that. Its in settings. I work in computers and thats what I do.


Read this Guide:

Hi Thanks
Sorry not understanding this non-inventory item,
I added a dummy test product (it only exists if I create it like web hosting) but it has added it to an expense account ie test was 25.00 and it is -25.00 in expenses, I have added can be purchased, 10.00 can be sold 25.00, made invoice and it -25.00 has come out of expenses. The non inventory items seem to expense related to the business. Is there a way I can add ‘products’ that dont exist until you use, like web hosting, there is no stock. Like inventory items but stock only exists when added to an invoice if that makes sense?

What I have no done is set up in COA ‘client hosting’ as income and ‘hosting’ has an expense…Is this the best way to do it? I want to make sure it is right before I do entries…Is there a better way to handle ‘virtual products’ ?

Non-inventory items are the way to do what you want. Make a test business, read the Guides, and experiment until you understand.

Because you have nominated an expense instead of an income account under - This Item can be sold

Non-Inventory Item


Thanks :slight_smile: