Hi how I can creat service account eg: maintenance visit

hi how I can creat service account eg: maintenance visit

I do not understand your question - can you be more specific in what you are trying to do?

I have two kinds of Work item and service

What do you want to do - invoice your customers with detailed invoices, record your sales by type,

If you explain how you want to account for your business then you will get more specific answers - two kinds of Work items and service is not explicit enough. Explain what your business is, how it charges your customers, what it purchases, etc

The guides have many examples of how to do things in Manager so read them as well,

I want to do a invoice for a customer visiting a network check but not item Sketch

You have two basic choices, @fkakish:

  1. Use non-inventory items, as @generalegend suggested. See https://guides.manager.io/7344. This will be most useful if the service visits are standardized.
  2. Add line item(s) to a sales invoice for each service performed, posting each line item to an appropriate income account.

The Inventory Items tab should not be used for anything except physical goods held for production or sale.

thank you

thank you all