Newb: Service Categories

I’m not using Manager (yet) for bookkeeping yet, but inventory control and crm.

What i need is something like an inventory of services/tasks that have a billable value and preferably can be ‘kitted’ like the inventory kits, so that i can sell to customer C a set of services over a period of time. I would not only have different kits, but each kit will have different markups and/or discounts based on the time period.

Kit 1: Mow lawn, weed beds, water beds.
Kit 2: Prune trees, Mow lawn
Kit 3: Clean gutters, Blow roof, Rake leaves.
Depending on the Season/Week number, there would be discounts or markups (which ever easier).

Each of these Service kits i would love to be able to contain physical inventory items, but i’m fine keeping them separate. Mostly, i just want something like Inventory and Kits that does not have an impact on taxable inventory.

Is there a way to do that?

We need to convert this feature request into Manager terminology.

What exactly is this about? Being able to select non-inventory items on inventory kits?

All of this sounds like non-inventory items. When you get to the point of adding inventory items, that can all be combined on sales invoices. Read the Guides on those topics and ask questions if you don’t see how your situation fits.

@Brian_Bishop as suggested search the guides for non-inventory at Guides | Manager and suggestions as in below attachment will show how to create and use non-inventory items and as suggested by @Tut you should explore these to fit you request.