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Hellos everyone
In my company there are some services we get from some suppliers or i dont know what to name like transportation, installation of scaffolds, and some other Services which should be entered as a bill on our company and ne paid later after a period of time
I want to learn how to do that and how to create these suppliers which are not related to inventory items.
Can anyone help please?

Read the Guides about purchase invoices and suppliers.

i read but it seems i dont understand the way its explained so please if you can give me a link or other details you know i will appreciate it

It is a little unclear what tasks in Manager you are comfortable with at the moment.
I guess you are familiar with creating customers, supplier and invoices to both. If so it appear the new issue is how to enter supplies you purchase directly for a customer and pass costs onto the the customer, see Invoice billable expenses guide

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You are going to have to be more specific. If you have read these Guides:

what, exactly, do you not understand? There are no other links to provide.

thanks for your response again
for example if i have a warehouse and im selling my goods. a truck delivers the goods to the customers and i want to record the payment for this truck because its our company’s duty to pay to the truck and its not always the same amount of money
how to have a record of this payment for this truck so i can easily differentiate when i export a report

no dear
thanks for your reply
i mean how to to pay for services but not in a regular (receipt and payment) section. i want to enter the record for services such as delivery truck and other services the same way i make a purchase invoice but as you know for purchase invoice i will have inventory and for services i will just pay and wont get any physical stuff except for their services

I’m still not clear what you are already familiar with in Manger

  • Are you currently just trying to work out if Manager would be suitable for your business?
  • Have you created a test business and experimented with imaginary but typical transactions?
  • What are you currently using Manager to do in your business?
  • What tabs are you regularly using?

im using it for

  • sales, sales invioces and receipts from clients
  • purchase order, invoices, and payments
  • basic payments
  • i have not created a test business i directly used it for our company
    im using summery, receipts and payments, suppliers, customers, capital accounts, sales invoices, inventory items, reports,

the only problem i have i want to know where to record invoices and payments for services i get from a supplier continously which are not related to inventory because they are just services like delivery, scaffold installing, and other services i get

That will depend on how your supplier is paid

If you receive an invoice which you pay later, then create a Supplier, create a Purchase Invoice and then enter a Payment when you pay the invoice

If you pay on the spot, without any credit, then you can just enter a Payment directly

In both of these options, post the amount due/paid to the appropriate expense account - transport service, scaffolds, etc

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On your purchase invoices you can simply enter a GL account to charge the service to, or, if you want these to be more ‘like’ inventory items, you can create ‘Non-Inventory Items’ (under setting tab) for purchased services and point those items to a default GL account. You can then essentially use them on a purchase invoice in the same manner as inventory items except they only charge the expense to account, they don’t in any way change inventory. Anyway, I’m not 100% sure it was what you were asking but if just want to ‘items’ for services use ‘non-inventory’ items. If you are going to be purchasing the same service or services over and over again, its very useful. Hope that helps.


that definitely solved my problem
i have seen this non-inventory items before but neven used it and now its very easy for me to use it because it has the options to for being purchased or sold
this is very useful now
thanks a lot for all of you to help me out with this issue
i really appreciate your time

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I think you should to use Billable expenses instead Non-Inventory Items, that because you are buying a service for a customer from other provider, not for your business. See Billable expenses.