SingleTouch Payroll Worksheet

The STP worksheet has items headings that are not consistent with the payslip items:
Super Contribs (RESC) are under the heading Allowance (transport) and Gross is aligned with the headings: Foreign Income Exempt and Allowance (car)
Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

What versions of Manger are you using? When did you last upgrade? Was it working prior to the upgrade?

Manager version: desktop 19.10.7.
I think I upgraded / reinstalled around Feb 2020
This is the 1st time trying STP.
The most recent localisation .json is the same as the .json downloaded 20th Feb 2020

@pauljwk, that version is from the first week of October 2019. And there have been nearly 100 updates since February 2020. You should update.

Thanks Tut,

I have just updated to version 20.2.75

The Single Touch Payroll Worksheet remains inconsistent with the headings.

Also the .csv has misaligned entries…. The Employee tax Column reports incorrectly.

I have highlighted the entries that don’t match with their headings and I have included what I suspect are the values that are reported in each cell.

Thanks for your attention on this matter.