Is it possible to remove a column in Sales Invoice?

The subject line explains what I need. I would like to remove columns I do not use as the invoice input form is wider than my screen.

Which columns you don’t use?

OK… I get it. In particular I do not use tax columns BUT I also did not want to show account information. I now understand that it is the VIEW function which is seen by clients and that in fact does NOT show account information. Thank you. I have one more question but will send a separate message.

Sorry I have to open this topic again. In my situation I don’t want the tax column to show on the sales invoice but I want the tax amount total tax amount to appear at the summary portion at the bottom of the invoice. How do I go about that?

You don’t. Think about it: no-one would accept an invoice showing they owed you for tax without knowing the basis for the tax.

It is actually not a tax but an installation fee that will be charged on the total items cost.
For example,

In my test in manager, I set a tax code named installation at 12%. This is calculated on the individual items in the sales invoice under the column headed Tax.
I my previous software it is similar when preparing a sales invoice but the tax column does not appear when u preview or print the invoice. Only the summary at the bottom shows the installation fee.

Perhaps (?) with a custom theme invoice it could be coded to substitute the word “Tax” for “Install %”. Then the column will have relevance as it can’t be removed.

Thanks very much. I have bn able to set it up.

I want to remove The Code Column…
Actually We entered code for each inventory items, For our internal reference. So we do not want to display it in sales invoice. Then how can i remove that complete column from the Invoice?

@AaiRIz don’t use Code field. Put your internal code to Name field or some other custom field.

I’m continuously improving custom fields as they will be able to replace a lot of in-built fields. The problem with in-built fields is that they have certain hard-coded behavior. Custom fields are much more flexible.

So in future, there won’t even be Code field to start with (unless you create it yourself)

ok. thats Great.:ok_hand: I did not think that thing but you right we can put that code in Name field which is already not display in Invoice.