Deleting a column on invoice

When printing my invoices there is an item column which I don’t need. How do I get rid of this?

Item column is visible only if it contains any information.

There is an empty item column?

i have the same problem item column just appears while the option box in the creation page is blank! i would like to know if and how i can change that column as a numbering collumn?

Update your software, @katrina. That Item column is left over from a much earlier version.

No, @john_agrigiannis, you cannot change that column to something else without totally recoding the sales invoice template yourself. But you should update your software. The Item field is meant as a shortcut for creating invoice lines and no longer appears on the printed version.

In addition to what @Tut told you, also confirm that you are not using a custom template for your sales invoice. If you want columns to disappear when they contain no data, you need to use the in-built invoice because a custom template (even the “default” one that appears when you create a new custom view template) does not have any of the same intelligence that is programmed into the in-built invoice.

I have created a new custom view template because the address did not line up with the window on the envelope. How can I rectify one issue or the other?

Use the in-built invoice and get different envelopes, or create a new custom invoice template that doesn’t have the column that you don’t want.

ha ha that is the issue how do I delete that column

u can’t lol :slight_smile: :cake::notes:omg

If you are using custom HTML template, you need to edit your HTML template so that column is no longer defined in that template.