Invoices set default GST amount

I am new to System, very happy at functionality in general
One item that I need help please someone

Can anyone point me in the right direction to set the Invoices to have the selected GST amonut as the DEFAULT amount eg 15%

Every item on the Invoice requires the GST to be selected every time, including a new invoice
I would like it to be set once and then to remain there, until removed or changed

Many thanks

For your Reference,
You may set at the level of forms each time you creating the transactions your defined lines will be automatically set based on your form default template or you may set by the level of chart of accounts, all new transactions within those accounts will be applied common tax codes defined by you (editable).

1.Manager Cloud “Form Defaults”

  1. Manager Cloud by “Chart of Accounts”

You can also set default tax codes for inventory and non-inventory items. That way, every time you include such an item on an invoice, the tax code will be applied.