Default tax settings

Is there any way to change the default VAT setting for Manager? We sell a food product which is 0% Vat but the default is “No VAT” so for every line of every invoice we have to change it. It would be far simpler for us to change it to 20% for the odd time we add postage or sell equipment off.

You can set up any kind of tax you want in Settings > Tax Codes (or choose from a long list of in-built ones). Then you can set up defaults for your invoices in two places:

(1) Settings > Chart of Accounts. Here you can edit each income account and give it a default tax code.

(2) Settings > Sales Invoice Items. If you have set up Sales Invoice Items that you use repeatedly on invoices, you can give each one a default tax code that overrides the main income account tax code.

Thanks Kal

The first one works fine for me. All our inventory items are zero rated as they are all cheeses so I set the rate on Inventory items in Chart of Accounts as you suggested.
So thankful this community is here and it’s OK to ask “stupid” questions!


No worries Dave. Sounds like your operation is my kind of business!


Ha ha! Love it!

This is us;-


Oh yummo! I’ve never been to the UK, but I’ll have to make a point of visiting if/when I do! I certainly wish you all the best with the venture. I’m a big supporter of small producers and locally produced food. Here in Australia, Coles and Woolworths virtually own everything now, and they have far too much power to bully farmers/producers. Thankfully we have a local markets nearby though which enables me to avoid them for many things. We do love our cheese!

This is useful information. Can I ask how to record when after Vat added to a purchase invoice differs from supplier invoice, for example Purchase Invoice Total (+Vat) = 536.73 and Supplier Invoice Total (+Vat) = 536.72.