Invoices market as not paid


I have updated programme, but now I have invoices for June 2013 showing as not paid. I then tried to receive money to those invoices but it will not process.


I also tried to go back to a previous backup but the problem is now there in all backups.


Can you send your backup file to


I just changed my opening balance date from 1/7/2013 to 1/7/2012 and the outstanding invoices have disappeared.

Not sure what happened.

I did notice that when I had the opening balance set at 1/7/2013 I could receive money as long as I put it in after 1/7/2013, but the invoices were all paid in June 2013, so obviously we cannot go back beyond the opening balance date.


Yeah, new version is getting a bit more aggressive with these opening balances. If you are using opening balances module and set the date for opening balances as at 01/07/2013 then all transactions before this date will be ignored. I just need to add some big warning into the program that transactions before opening balances date are ignored.

Question is, are you using opening balances as per If not, just disable opening balances module altogether and then you don’t have to deal with this issue at all.