Invoiced emails not being sent to "send a copy ..."

Was working fine a few days ago. now has stopped working.
I have tested the email addresses and all seems OK.

Hi @vanluk

Have you tested whether the emails are being sent at all. I mean test sending an invoice to your personal email as the main recipient and see if it gets there.


Thank you for your email.

I have just tried sending an invoice to my personal email address and it works fine.

In my outlook “sent” folder all the emailed invoices are there, so I am happy that the customers are getting their invoices.

Just that before I would also receive a copy of the customers invoice in my inbox.

Please show your email settings and what edition and version of Manager you are using

Hi Joe,

I will contact my ISP first, as I think it may be a problem with them using an alias email address.

I’ll be in touch with their answer.

We use the online version.

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Hi Joe,
All sorted, our ISP had an email server upgrade. They have fixed the problem
Thanks for your help